Prime Publications aim to develop a long-term association with our Academicians and Academics by providing to their needs with the best viable options for accomplishing their boxes. We also trust in a straight-forward fair-minded and clear approach as possible as this indications to a better trade for everyone involved.


we accomplish our aims at an authentic, modern and completely cost-effective manner and provide the most truthful assistance upon our regulars.

Editorial Policies

Prime Publications suppose the highest ethical standards from their authors, reviewers and editors when directing research, submitting papers and in the peer-review process.

Peer Review

Prime  Publications service a double-blind review process, in which the author individuality are concealed from the reviewers, and vice versa, throughout the review procedure.

Redundant or Spare Publication

Redundant or Spare Publication is a publication that overlaps noticeably with one already published, in press, or in an electronic media submission. (International Committee of Medical Editors.

Duplicate or fired submission is the same manuscript (or the same data) that is submitted to diverse journals at the same time. International copyright laws, ethical conduct, and cost active use of resources require that readers can be assured that what they are reading is original. (International Council of Medical Editors.

Submitted books and chapters should not have been published or currently submitted elsewhere. Duplicate publication is a violation of the APA code of ethics (APA Publication Manual, 2010) and will be grounds for rapid rejection of the submitted manuscript. If the editor was not aware of the violation and the article has been published, a notice of duplicate submission and the ethical violation will be published.

Retraction Policy

All Publications shall act in accordance with COPE Retraction Guidelines. (